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Aerosol Generator A 250

The Aerosol Generator A 250 is used to generate test aerosols with defined characteristics. The main areas of use of the A 250 Aerosol Generator are the testing of high efficiency filters and the commissioning and control measurement of clean rooms, laminar flow boxes and safety workbenches. The maximum flow volume is 250 l/h. The particle production rate is adjustable. ...

Aerosol Generators by RR Elektronik: mobile and flexible

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the A 250 is ideal for mobile, flexible use. The heart of the A 250 is an atomiser made entirely of stainless steel. The binary nozzle, which works on the injector principle, is combined with an impact separator. The compressed air needed for the atomisation is generated by a smoothly running piston compressor.

  • Testing of clean rooms according to VDI 2083-3/DIN 1946-4/DIN ISO 14644-3
  • Testing of laminar flow boxes 
  • Testing of cytostatica workbenches according to DIN 12950
  • Testing of microbiological safety workbenches according to DIN 12469
  • Latex aerosol calibration standard 

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