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Atmospheric Germ Sampler FH-6

The Atmospheric Germ Sampler can operate using either the impaction method or the filtration method. The pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and the food industry have stringent demands for low germ content of ambient air.  This is the typical area of application for the Atmospheric Germ Sampler FH-6.

In the measuring process the air volume is sucked in //aspirated and automatically kept constant by a centrifugal compressor specially developed for the FH-6. The sampling volume which is preset using the preselection switch, passes for a defined length of time through the filter or over the petri dish containing the culture medium. The FH-6 is designed to operate independently of a mains power supply.

In the impaction method, the germ-laden particles from the air intake are directly deposited on the medium where the culture of colony-forming units (CFUs) takes place.

In the filtration method, the incoming stream of germ-laden air passes through a filter. The germs are deposited on the filter. By using the appropriate filters, germs-laden particles of 1 µm or smaller can be detected.

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