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Das FOG 2010 PLUS is a handy, very powerful fog generator with a high standard of technical safety. It produces a fog which is clean, odourless, and safe. The fog generator system is ideally suited for checking air flows, investigating air conditioning systems, etc.

The INSIDE Fog Fluid “Extra Clean” is a fog medium specially developed for investigating air flows in cleanrooms. The Fog Fluid produces a sterile, non-toxic fog suitable for interior use which volatilises 100 % after a certain time.

The Fog Fluid generates a pure white fog of realistic appearance which does not irritate the eyes or respiratory passages, is non-flammable and contains no oils or fats. Even with frequent use, it leaves no greasy deposits. Neither the machine nor the room fittings are soiled. The fog is biologically degradable.

Special Features

  • External fluid intake via a feeder bottle or canister
  • Quantity control adjustable on machine or by remote control
  • Output with thread takes various screw-on special effect nozzles

You can find all further product information here.