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V 100 / V 10 Dilution Systems

By the upstream use of a dilution system, aerosol concentration is minimised, thus protecting the sensor system of the particle counter from contamination due to over-concentration. The dilution systems V 100 and V 10 are used respectively for the precise, reproducible dilution of an aerosol in the ratio 1 : 100 and 1 : 10.

Dilution systems are used wherever the particle concentration to be measured is too high for the particle counter:

  • Testing of clean rooms and workbenches according to VDI 2083-3/DIN 1946-4/DIN ISO 14644-3
  • Testing of laminar flow boxes, cytostatica workbenches according to DIN 12950 and microbiological safety workbenches according to DIN 12469
  • Measuring high concentration aerosols
  • Verifying test aerosols for the testing of cleanroom technological equipment according to DIN ISO 14644-3 
  • Acceptance measurements according to SWKI Guideline 99-3 of 2003 (VDI 2167-1 revised version)

V 100 / V 10 dilution systems feature the following advantages:

  • Can be connected up to any particle monitor
  • Continuous control of dilution ratio
  • Constant dilution, even under fluctuating operating conditions
  • Ensure a high volume flow at the sampling site
  • Approved for use in sampling conditions below or above atmospheric pressure
  • No air assist intake or air exhaust

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